After car accident, “minor back pain” turns out to be abdominal tear

| 23.01.2012

Published in the Arutz Sheva Radio Station:

After car accident, “minor back pain” turns out to be abdominal tear

Many times car accident victims get up from the accident scene, and after an initial hospital checkup, are discharged home with a minor diagnosis. Yet sometimes days or weeks later they experience symptoms that may point to a condition far more serious than the original diagnosis.

That’s what happened to Mrs. S., a 45 year old woman who came to Terem Romema two weeks after a car accident with complaint of abdominal pain. At the time of the accident she was brought to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with minor back pain, given pain relief medication and discharged home, with reassurance that her discomfort would pass.

Although routine blood tests did not reveal unusual findings, on the basis of her extensive experience, nursing staff Shira Applebaum Maretsky, suspected a more serious diagnosis. On clinical exam, treating physician Dr. David Zlotnick noted an acute abdomen and air pocket in the abdominal cavity, signs of a possible internal rupture and bleed – a life threatening condition.

The patient was transported to hospital where she was operated on for a tear in the duodenum and intestine. Terem is happy that Mrs. S. received the proper diagnosis and treatment in the nick of time.

The moral of the story: When you experience symptoms even some time after a car accident – or any accident, don’t ignore them.  Get medical advice and check it out thoroughly. It could save your life!