Teen’s life saved

| 28.10.2011


Teen’s life saved after fall from stairs causes abdominal rupture, bleeding

Even though a nasty spill from the stairs is usually considered a minor injury, sometimes, it isn’t.

After a Beit Shemesh teen, aged 17, fell down while running down the steps in his house over the holiday, he was taken immediately to Terem Emergency Center in Beit Shemesh. The youth claimed that ever since he fell, his shoulder hurt him.

The boy was immediately checked by Terem nurse Immanuel, who, noting his paleness, and the pain in his chest and back, feared for his life.

Man’s life saved

| 24.10.2011


Terem Modiin: Man’s life saved after treatment for serious lung condition

In Terem Modiin, a 34 year old man presenting with chest pain and shortness of breath was admitted for treatment by Dr. Yazid Bargouti.

An xray was taken, which indicated pneumothorax (a life threatening condition in which air is trapped between the lungs and the chest wall, exerting extreme pressure on the lungs and heart to the point of pushing them aside).

Reading Hour

| 19.10.2011

   .Maale Adumim's Terem branch hosted the city's children for a reading hour during Sukkot 

The children enjoyed a medical story, checked each other a medical check- up, and enriched their medical knowledge

this is the oppurtunity to remind you with the expanded opening hours:



| 11.10.2011


Dr. Nahum Kovalsky shares some safety tips for the Sukkot holiday preparations:


Terem clinics are opened as usual during the  chag
Chag Sameach!

Shana Tova

| 11.10.2011


Screw extracted from yeshiva boy’s heel

Many students come to learn in yeshivas in order to strengthen their ties to Judaism, and  absorb the special holiday atmosphere of  the Holy Land.

But one nineteen year old from North Miami absorbed a little more than he bargained for when, while building a sukka at his yeshiva, he stepped on a screw which protruded from a beam, and penetrated his heel to a depth of about 1 centimeter.

After an xray determined that the screw had not penetrated his bone, Dr. Salam Dana extracted the screw by grasping it with a needle holder, slowly rotating it until it emerged completely.

Cancer Research At Terem Gdud Ha'Ivri

| 05.10.2011

As part of the Gdud Ha'Ivri family practice's preventive medical care plan, in cooperation with the Medical Genetics Department of Shaarei Tzedek Hospital Terem is participating in a research project to compare the efficiency and efficacy of different cancer screening methods.  Details of the program are below and if you would like to participate, please click here for contact details.