Food poisning?

| 29.03.2012

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Terem- Ichilov

| 27.03.2012

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Sayed Kashua visited Terem

| 18.03.2012

Sayed Kashua, the journalist, visited TEREM

satisfied with the treatment he recieved

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Terem Bet Shemesh

| 12.03.2012

Stroke diagnosed at Terem branch in Maale Adumim

| 11.03.2012


פורסם בזמן מעלה, 16.2.2012:

Is There A Doctor On Board?

| 01.03.2012



Is there a doctor on board?


Did you ever see one of those movies where mid-flight there is a medical emergency and the captain calls, “Is there a doctor on board?”

Well, it so happens that these things don’t just happen in the movies. They can happen in real life, too.

Just ask Dr. David Burns, from Terem Beit Shemesh. On a long flight from Israel to the UK, while the plane hovered over Athens, Greece, the cabin crew called through the PA system for a doctor’s assistance.