18-10-2023 Prayer for Am Yisrael
17-10-2023 Free treatment for soldiers
22-10-2023 Emergency clinics for residents of the conflict line
20-08-2023 Earwax Cleaning Clinic
23-04-2023 Rapid Flu Test
22-06-2021 Terem in the news

Medical care close to home

No need to travel far

Community based care

Many supplemental services are available.

Community based care

Your doctor has easy access to your Terem chart

Terem in numbers

Changing the face of the medical system in Israel

מרפאות טרם זמני המתנה קצרים במיוחד

Shorter waiting times


Advanced technology 

רופאים בקהילה

Full range of services 

Convenient locations


Clinics across the country


Professional staff members throughout Israel


Average treatment times in minutes


Number of yearly visits for medical treatment, special exams and laboratory tests


Number of children treated over the year

Heartwarming feedback

Patients express their appreciation for quick and professional care