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Center - Terem Bnei Brak- Ichilov

Now open | Waiting Time 12 minutes
160 Zabutinski Bnei Brak
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Terem Bnei Brak- Ichilov


כתובת סניף טרם

160 Zabutinski Bnei Brak


כתובת סניף טרם

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


כתובת סניף טרם



כתובת סניף טרם


Branch manager:

Mr. Vova Rozental

Medical director:

Dr. Matthew Friedman

Paramedic Manager

Mr. Rami Kazaz

TEREM Bnei Brack is a one stop shop for all emergency medical needs,  located in the center of town. The clinic offers emergency medical services to residents, tourists, and visitors alike.
Terem Bnei Brack continues Terem's long standing tradition of serving the medical needs of the people, wherever they are.  

Terem's experienced and professional staff provide treatment for a wide range of emergency conditions, and treat all ages, from infants to the advance elderly.

Center - Terem Bnei Brak- Ichilov - 160 Zabutinski Bnei Brak