03-04-2024 Terem hours Pesach 2024
31-03-2024 Price Update for Soldiers
02-04-2024 New Kiryat Gat address
14-02-2024 Update on the Petah Tikva hours
15-02-2024 Updates Rosh Ha`ayin Hours
15-02-2024 "X-ray services in Kiryat Malachi.
23-04-2023 Rapid Flu Test
20-08-2023 Earwax Cleaning Clinic
30-01-2024 Prayer for Am Yisrael
22-06-2021 Terem in the news

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Clinics near your home

With its widespread network of clinics located in major cities throughout the country, TEREM clinics have set a new standard for urgent care in the community.

No need to go to the ER or travel long distances. Just come to Terem, get your exam, and leave with a smile.

Clinics are available and efficient

Clinics are open around the clock, throughout the week, including Shabbat and holidays. The care is quick with minimal waiting times. Only minutes after arrival, you will be taken in for initial assessment and immediately after, for labs and other tests, if needed.

One-stop shop

TEREM clinics are equipped with anything you might need for your examination, all in one place; bandages, imaging tests, casting, doctor's exam, lab tests, and more. Terem's focus on emergency care medicine and its vast experience in this field, ensures quality treatment in minimum time.

Low co-payments, arrangements with kupot holim (health clinics)

The charge for a visit at TEREM is minimal, ranging from a few tens of shekels to no more than 89 NIS, and in certain cases there is no charge at all. Terem has arrangements with all the kupot holim, and work in partnership with community doctors who are members of the Terem Colleagues "ROAM' program.